Advantages of Outlook

By | February 1, 2020

The most popular web mail platform used to be Hotmail, which was left behind gradually when Gmail appears, because it offered better service and integrated features that had no real competition in the market, but in 2012 the Microsoft decided make a gigant leap in their email service to enter the same ground as Gmail offering . if you are a new user, we’ll explain you some of the advantages of Outlook.

Sign in is completely free, so you can create an account or upgrade your old address Hotmail, Live or MSN. Eventually all Hotmail users will be migrated to Outlook, but not yet set a definite date for this. born from Hotmail: it’s designed from the tools that were created to his former platform. This implies a better spam filter, cleaning tools for email, faster and intuitive interface, and the possibility of sending large files (up to 300MB) via SkyDrive.

The design of Outlook also has meant a revolution for those accustomed to Hotmail, because it has a much more minimalist and modern interface. While you can not customize it with style templates as you used to do in Hotmail or Gmail, you can choose between several colors. This offers an advantage: it is faster, plain and simple, which means an advantage in terms of usability, compared to other email platforms. In other hand, Outlook let you use the right click to interact with the emails: with a simple click you can reply, delete or mark each email.

To make matters worse, Outlook is perfectly integrated with other useful services such as calendar, Skydrive to store files in the cloud, instant messaging and even the future possibility of connecting your Xbox Live account and other Windows applications 8. Moreover, Outlook offers an advantage over its nearest competitor Gmail: Outlook does not scan your emails for advertising, so your inbox and around the site are free of annoying add banners.

The only drawbacks we’ve found for the new Outlook have to do with details as site customization and visibility in mobile version, so you can have some issues viewing it on smartphones or tablets. We are sure that Outlook will revolutionize the aproach to email service, making it a productive working platform rather than just a tool.