Feed Your Brain

By | April 30, 2017

From the intrauterine phase of our life, mother’s nutrition will influence our intellectual development in the future and even the expression of genes responsible for brain and nervous system functioning. Breastfeeding (milk quality), childhood nutrition are also essential. Then, as we get older, it is more important to keep the skills acquired during the first part of our lives (22-25 years) and to smartly use the existing resources and to avoid excessive wear.

Prevention of degenerative diseases of the nervous system (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s) becomes a priority in the second part of life, even if this prevention is achieved throughout life.

Besides oxygenation, hydration, nutrition, rest, mental effort and stress prevention, there are both plant extracts and nutritional supplements that can enhance mental performance and prevent them from falling, both in the medium and long term. On the market there are hundreds of products defined as brain supplements, best brain supplements, nutrients for brain, vitamins for brain, etc. Certainly, all contain something good for our brain but it is important to find out which one is right and this means to inform ourserves, to read carefully all information before buying some of them and make sure that they are appropriate for our age and for the lifestyle we have. There are international reviews that select the top 10 best brain supplements, based on different extract and combination.

A renowned scientific researcher in the field shared his some basic rules to  have a young brain up to deep old age: a) sleep seven hours a night; b)eat healthy; c) read books, keep your brain active and do not watch TV and d) consume brain supplements daily.

The first signs of an aging brain should be the first signs of alarm, repeated memory disturbances, lack of concentration and a feeling of exhaustion. It is important not to get there and to prevent and ensure “the nourishment” of the brain by the contribution of best brain supplements in time.