Inem: An Important Institute for Skilled Workers

INEM is the big name in the Spanish labor market. It is the name of an institute that is running under the control of the ministry of labor Spain. The major responsibilities of this department are to take care of the current labor matters, etc. but beside all these matters, one of the most important participation of this department in the Spanish labor market that it is producing skilled labor by offering different training courses for the people of Spain.

Many of these courses are totally free of cost while some time they are offered at great subsidized prices. Although the department doesn’t offer these courses itself, but these courses are famous with the name of cursos inem because inem arranges theses courses with the collaboration of other organization such as the different teaching schools or chamber of commerce in different cities.

The government of Spain funds the cursos inem to keep them free of cost or on at highly subsidized price. The cursos inem are available all over the Spain. Whether you live in a big city or a small town, if you are unemployed, you can go to register yourself in one of the hundreds of different offices of inem, those are spread all over the cities and towns of Spain.

Once you will get registered yourself in an inem office as an unemployed person, you will be offered a long list of different training courses and you can select the course of your choice according to your experience and interest.

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